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Urbania - Scotia's Showcase - April 9, 2021

Urbania is a community in Hants County.

Located in Urbania, formerly known as Wide Open Wilderness Family Campground, newly named Eagle Ridge RV Park is "situated on the banks of the beautiful Shubenacadie River. Eagle Ridge RV Park is located 10 minutes away from the historic village of Maitland. The ‘Shubie’ experiences the highest recorded tides in the world, and is famous for its massive tidal bores.The park is peaceful and quiet, perfect for viewing Bald eagles that nest along the river. Our Look-off provides a spectacular view of both eagles and the tidal bore."

Thanks to Tidal Bore Rafting Resort located in Urbania, you can experience tidal bore rafting on the Shubenacadie River, which has been recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top five rivers in Canada for white water rafting.

If you would like to explore every nook and cranny of our province, there are two caves in Urbania you may be interested in exploring. Read this person's description of two unknown caves, unknown in the sense that they are not on any list of caves compiled by NS DNR or by the NS Speleological Society" in Urbania.

If you have any more information or pictures of Urbania please email me or message me through Bluenoser on Facebook.

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