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Top Baby Names of 2019 in Nova Scotia

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

And the winner is....


As of December 27, 2019 there were 7, 433 registered births in Nova Scotia and 55 of those babies were named Charlotte. The second most popular names for baby Bluenosers were Jack (51) and Owen (51).

William had been the most popular Nova Scotia baby name the last three years (2016, 2017 and 2018) but it has been dropped to 11th place in 2019 with only 39 Williams being born this year. Ahead of William (besides Charlotte, Jack and Owen) are: Noah (47), Olivia (46), Benjamin (46), Liam (44), Amelia (43), Oliver (43), and Emma (40).

Nova Scotia began formally registering births on August 1, 1864 and you'll never guess what the most popular names were that year (yes you will): Mary and John.

Mary and John are no where to be found on the list of the top baby names this year. Here are the remaining top names: Levi (36), Ethan (35), Henry (35), Wyatt (34), Abigail (33), Emmett (33), Hudson (33), Lucas (33), Violet (32), Lincoln (32), Isla (31), Jackson (30), Ava (30), Grayson (29), Sadie (29), Ella (28), Isabella (28), Sophie (28), James (27), Lily (27), Logan (27), Scarlett (27), Samuel (27), Sophia (27), Ivy (24), Claire (23), Chloe (22), Nora (22), Lucy (21).

Dropped from the list of most popular Nova Scotia baby names from 2018 are: Addison, Alexander, Anna, Ellie, Emily, Evelyn, Hannah, Hunter, John, Leo, Lilly, Mason, Mia, Thomas.

New to the list in 2019 are: Chloe, Claire, Grayson, Hudson, Isabella, Ivy, Jackson, Levi, Lily, Lucy, Nora, Samuel, Violet, Wyatt.

In 2018 there were 7930 registered births which means there were 497 less Baby Bluenosers welcomed into the world in 2019. Perhaps with people staying the blazes home during the COVID outbreak those numbers will increase in 2020/2021.

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