The Disappearance of Kenley Matheson - Wolfville

Updated: Aug 13

Kenley Matheson, age 20 years at time of disappearance, age progression to age 45, his birthdate is May 8, 1972

Allan Kenley Matheson, who went by his middle name, has been missing for 27 years. September 21st of this year will mark the 28th anniversary since he disappeared without a trace. He was only two weeks into his first year at the University, located in the town of Wolfville.

Aerial view of Acadia University

Kenley Matheson grew up in Glendale, Cape Breton, and was attending the University with his younger sister, Kayrene, 18. At the time of his disappearance, Kenley Matheson was 20 years old.

Back of family home in Glendale - Kayrene and Kenley's bedroom windows

If you have any information at all regarding his whereabouts please contact the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program at 1-888-710-9090. There is a $150,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest or conviction.

On the weekend of September 11th, Kenley Matheson had travelled to Corkum's Island in Lunenburg County with some friends.

He returned to Acadia, attended his classes for the week, and then attended a party on campus on September 19th. He was seen on September 20th at Crowell Tower by his sister and others. His residence was located on the ninth floor.

Crowell Tower, Acadia University

On September 21st, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he had been to the Royal Bank in Wolfville and was last seen walking down Main Street near the Acadia Arena.

Captured from Google Maps 23 May 2020

This was the last time he was seen. He has not been heard from by friends or family since that date. His bank account remains untouched.

Taken from a news article written by the CBC on June 1, 2012 "Matheson's family is hoping someone will come forward with information to crack the cold case. Sarah MacDonald, Matheson's mother, said it would give the family closure. 'My biggest thing is to just find his body,' MacDonald said."

An American film maker, Ron Lamothe, raised money through a Kickstarter campaign to produce a documentary on Kenley's disappearance in hopes to help solve this case. The documentary is called Missing Kenley and as of this writing, the documentary is listed as "in production".


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Aerial View of Acadia University photo

Picture of Crowell Tower

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