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Scotia's Showcase - Mount Hanley - July 5, 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Mount Hanley, located in Annapolis County, is the birthplace of both mariner, Joshua Slocum and the first woman to graduate from Acadia University (1884), Clara Belle Marshall.

Mount Hanley School Section Number 10 is located on its original site which is on the east side of the Mount Hanley Road facing the junction with Brown Road. Designed by architect William Dawson and built in 1850, it is a wood frame, one room school house and now a museum where you can see the pupil registers from 1899 to 1963 when the school was closed. Notable students who attended Mount Hanley School are Joshua Slocum and Clara Belle Marshall.

On April 24, 1895, Joshua Slocum set sail from Boston, Massachusetts on the Spray and on June 27, 1898, more than 3 years later, returned to Newport, Rhode Island. With this feat he had travelled a distance of 74, 000 km and became the first person to successfully circumnavigate or sail alone around the world.

Besides visiting the Mount Hanley Schoolhouse Museum, those who enjoy hiking and/or beautiful waterfalls can visit Sheep Shearer Brook Falls, located off of Ween Street.

If you have any more information or pictures of Mount Hanley please email me or message me through Bluenoser on Facebook.

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