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Scotia's Showcase - Craigmore - July 19, 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Sometimes spelled Creigmore, Craigmore is a settlement on the Western Shore of Cape Breton Island in Inverness County. It's name means "great rock" in Gaelic.

The Celtic Shore Coastal Trail, which runs from Port Hastings to Inverness, is a 92 kilometre multi-use trail and begins just as you cross the Canso Causeway, entering Cape Breton. During the first 5km the trail takes you to the communites of Port Hastings, Troy, Creignish, Craigmore and Long Point. Be sure to note that "sections of the trail between the Canal (after the 2km mark) and before Troy Station, continues to be sea-swept and trail conditions have resulted in difficult hiking and hike a bike surface conditions.  Signs have been posted at the Canso Canal section of the trail."

Located on the trail in Craigmore is Christie's Look Off. From here you get a view of St. George's Bay that Craigmore residents enjoy from their own backyards! If you are lucky, you may see some Blackfish, commonly seen whales in this region as they follow squid in from the ocean. In the fall of 1982 a member of a pod of Longfinned Pilot whales got trapped by the retreating tide in St. George's Bay. The rest of the pod members, responding to the distress calls, got caught in the shallow waters beneath Christie's Look-Off and the pod of whales was sadly lost.

If you have any more information or pictures of Craigmore, Inverness County, please email me or message me through Bluenoser on Facebook.


View from Christie's Look Off

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