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Sampsonville - Scotia's Showcase - November 3, 2020

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There is some uncertainty as to the correct spelling of this community located in Richmond County, Cape Breton, on the Bras d'Or Lakes. Nova Scotia maps and Google spell it Sampsonville but the community's very own Centennial Plaque spells it Samsonville. I was unable to find a Sampsonville on Nova Scotia's archives of place names but was able to find it under the spelling Samsonville. The Richmond County history website states that Samsonville was named after the first postmaster in the area, Leon Sampson.

The Samsonville Centennial Plaque was posted in 2005 and states that the area was first inhabited in the early 1800s, unofficially named "The Lake". The first post office was established in 1905 and the postmaster was, you guessed it, Leon Sampson. The plaque then lists all the Postmasters/Mistresses and the years they served. They are as follows:

Leon Sampson (1905 - 1916)

Peter Sampson (1917 - 1927)

Mary Samson (1927 - 1951)

Mark Samson (1951 - 1953)

Charlotte Stone (1954 - 1956)

Irene Sampson (1956 - 1958)

Acadian Acres Farm and Wild Edibles is located in Sampsonville. According to their Facebook page they are a "Small Market Garden Farm specializing in season beyond organic fresh vegetables. We also sell custom quantities of wild foraged foods. As of March 2020 we are also offering garden space planning and implementation."

Sampsonville is less than 5 km away from St. Peter's, home of National Historic Site, St. Peter's Canal and Battery Provincial Park.

If you have any more information or pictures of Sampsonville please email me or message me through Bluenoser on Facebook.

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