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Meet Scotia, The Blue Lobster Who Will Travel the World With Your Help #flatscotia

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Scotia the blue lobster drawn by Beth Neville, 16 years old

Hi! My name is Scotia and I am a blue lobster! Most of my lobster friends are a greeny brown colour. Your odds of finding a blue lobster like me are one in 2 million! Did you know that lobsters can live to be 100 years old! We live in crevaces or burrows on the ocean floor and since the water is so murky down there we use our antennae as sensors. Did you know that even though our growth slows as we get older, we never stop growing? As we grow, we molt which means we get rid of our old shell for a bigger one. And here aresome other facts about us that make us very different from you. Did you know that we have two stomachs? Even more interesting, did you know we have teeth in our first stomach? These teeth chew our food. And here's a funny fact for you - we pee out of our face! We are also kind of like super heroes...we can lose a claw or a leg and grow it back! How cool is that?

Barrington, Nova Scotia is the lobster capital of the world

You have already met my good friend, Nova the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever! Nova and I want to travel to every community our beautiful province has to offer to learn more about it and meet our fellow Bluenosers! We also want to travel around the world, so other people can learn all about our beautiful province too. And we want to learn about other places in the world. It is a win-win situation!

I will be travelling our province, country and hopefully the world in the same fashion as Flat Stanley - via mail! In order to travel I need your help! If you want me to travel to your hometown you can save the image of me from this page to print off at home (let me know if that doesn't work) or email Terynn at and she can send you an electronic copy of me to print. If you cannot print at home just email her your mailing address and she can send you a paper copy! Then all you have to do is:

1. Take me on a family friendly adventure and document it with a photo (you can visit special landmarks, your favourite places, etc.)

2. Upload the photo to your favourite social media site with the hashtag #flatscotia like Terynn did here (if you do not have your own social media, send your picture to Terynn (she runs the Bluenoser Facebook page) and she will post it on Bluenoser's Facebook page or Instagram account):

3. So everyone can see where I have travelled it would be great if you could post the name of the place and its location somewhere on your post too

4. Take me on as many adventures as you would like and take and post as many photos as you would like.

Fun Facts About Lobsters

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