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How fast can Nova and Scotia travel to every county in Nova Scotia?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Fellow Bluenosers I have a fun challenge for you! Let's see how long it takes us to get #flatnova and #flatscotia to every single county in our province! They can go to the same county as many times as you want to take them there so just because one person has posted a picture with them in Hants County, as an example, don't be shy, post another in Hants County!

We still want #flatnova and #flatscotia to travel our country and the world as well so if you don't live in Nova Scotia you can still help! Take Nova and Scotia to a landmark or favourite place anywhere in the world and post it on any social media program with the hashtag #flatnova and/or #flatscotia and the community/province/state/country they have travelled.

So who out there can help with this challenge! If you already have a copy of #flatnova and #flatscotia I cannot wait to see your pictures and where they have travelled! If you need a copy, I can get you one. Just message me on Bluenoser's Facebook page or email me at Or you can hopefully save them off of this post. Here they are:

Although Nova and Scotia have both been in Halifax County (#flatnova in Dartmouth by the A. Murray MacKay bridge and #flatscotia in Cole Harbour by a Christmas penguin decoration) I am not counting that right now as I am the one who brought them there!

For those of you who have not studied Nova Scotia geography in a while (I remember having a unit test in grade 6 - a fairly long time ago lol - 34 years ago to be exact) I will review. For those of you who are not Bluenosers but want to learn more about our beautiful province, this is for you too! Nova Scotia has 18 counties. Here they are in alphabetical order:



Cape Breton
















Here is a map of where they are located:

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