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East Petpeswick - Scotia's Showcase - August 1, 2021

We really have an amazing province. I cannot believe all the beauty we have packed into 55, 294 square kilometres. Today I visited East Petpeswick and I was not disappointed. Located in this rural Nova Scotian community is the longest sandy beach in the entire province - Martinique Beach. Five kilometres of white sand await you. The beach is supervised during the months of July and August and is one of two home sites for Halifax Surf School, who also operate from Clam Harbour Beach.

Martinique Beach

East Petpeswick is located in Halifax County on the Marine Drive route on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. The community was named Koolpijwiky, meaning "the river eddies in rapids" by the Indigenous peoples. Eventually the first syllable was dropped and the community was referred to as "Port Piswick" and gradually evolved to just Petpeswick. There are two communities, East and West Petpeswick.

Halifax Surf School located as you approach the beach

This is the first inlet

We walked down a path from the first inlet to a much bigger second inlet

What a beautiful beach - great waves for surfing today - it was pretty windy


Place names in Nova Scotia - Petpeswick Harbour

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