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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Here are some links to some resources and entertainment during the pandemic:

1. The Quarantine Kids and their father Colt Clark - He teaches the kids a song in the morning, they play it a couple times and then record it in the evening.

2. ULTIMATE ONLINE NOVA SCOTIA KITCHEN PARTY(COVID19 EDITION) - One of my favourites is Eddie Cummings Jr. He sometimes performs with his young son, Harrison, in the "Harrison and Eddie Show"

3. Nova Scotia Government - Facebook Page, find links to daily webcasts

4. Nova Scotia Novel Coronavirus Page

5. Canada Novel Coronavirus Page

6. COVID 19 Assessment Centres (and when to call 811)

7. Nova Scotia Health Authority COVID 19 Resources

8. Nova Scotia 811

9. Worldometers Coronavirus Live Stats

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