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Cheese Factory Corner - Scotia's Showcase - August 19, 2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Cheese Factory Corner - Photo Credit Gord Searle

Cheese Factory Corner is the perfect name for this Nova Scotian site as it a place where a cheese factory once stood. Little River Cheese Manufacturing Company Limited was formed by local farmers. The cheese factory stood at the intersection of Highway 14, Highway 202 and Indian Road.

There is a Christmas-themed geocache at Cheese Factory Corner to find which was placed there on December 4, 2011. It is indicated that there is some bushwacking required not so much due to undergrowth but due to the higher occurence of windfalls in the area.

If you have any more information or pictures of Cheese Factory Corner please email me or message me through Bluenoser on Facebook.


From Frying Pan Lake to Butter Island via Egg Beach and Cheese Factory Corner

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