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Bluenoser Businesses - The Scotian Lassie

1. What is The Scotian Lassie?

The Scotian Lassie is an apparel and clothing line. The name originated from my Instagram handle. My parents are originally from Scotland and immigrated to Canada in 1980. I was born here in Canada but have a strong Scottish upbringing. I grew up with many Scottish words and slang, one word being lassie. Of course, Nova Scotia is known as New Scotland so it occurred to me that I am a Scotian lassie!

2. What inspired you to start The Scotian Lassie?

I was out running errands for my family and started thinking about what it meant to be a Scotian lassie. I have a lot of amazing women in my life that I consider amazing friends and we all have different things and hobbies in common. I wanted to create a name brand that celebrated these women in my life as well as women I haven’t met that live here or live away from Nova Scotia. I wanted to create something that would make any woman proud to show their individual interests as well as their pride in our beautiful province. The figure in the original design is the first design for the Scotian Lassie. I have many more yet to be released!

3. What merchandise do you have available? (clothes, mugs etc). Will you be adding more merchandise?

So far I have t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and some hoodies. I have plans to expand into other items as different designs get released in the future.

4. Where can people go to learn more about The Scotian Lassie and order merchandise?

You can find The Scotian Lassie on Facebook as well as on my website,

5. If people have more questions or want to contact you, how can they do so?

You can contact me directly through Facebook on The Scotian Lassie website or at

Here is one happy customer (me) wearing a Scotian Lassie hoodie! It is so comfy!

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