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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nova Scotia

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

1. There is no point in Nova Scotia more than 60km away from the ocean

2. Nova Scotia's flag only became official in 2013 thanks to an 11-year-old girl!

Regan Parker was working on a school heritage project when she discovered that the Nova Scotia flag, created in 1858, had been unofficially representing our province for 155 years!

3. Eddie Martin is the first person credited with using the slapshot

In 1903, Eddie Martin played for the Halifax Eurekas of the Colored Hockey League (founded 22 years before the National Hockey League). He was so good at the slapshot that the other teams eventually protested him using it. Boom Boom Geoffrion certainly popularized the use of hockey's hardest shot.

4. Halifax rents Point Pleasant Park for a shilling (less than 10 cents) a year. The lease on the park ends in 2865.

The lease began in 1866, when the park was beginning to be used more for leisure and less for military protection. Originally only for 99 years, the lease was extended for 999 years in 1879. The rent used to be paid to the British government but since 1931 has been paid to Nova Scotia's lieutenant governor.

5. The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is the most visited National Historic Site in Canada

Halifax Citadel Photo Credit: Michael G Winters

6. The Cabot Trail is ranked one of the most scenic drives in the world (it ranked 8th overall)

7. Cape Breton's Cabot Cliffs (number 9) and Cabot Links (number 43) ranked among the best golf courses in the world, according to Golf Digest. In Canada, Golf Digest has Cabot Cliffs rated the top golf course in the country, and Cabot Links in at number 7. Cape Breton Highlands Links ranks 13th in the country.









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